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Category Archives: Healthy Tips

  • How Important is Physical Therapy Before and After Surgery?

    June 18th, 2020

    It’s a wise idea to work with a physical therapist both before and after surgery. Working with a physical therapist prior to your operation — sometimes referred to as “prehab” — can help you to prepare emotionally and physically for the surgery. And when the operation is done, physical...

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  • Relieve Your Pain While Also Increasing Your Energy with These 5 Steps

    April 6th, 2020

    If you live with pain, you know how limiting it can be. Fortunately, there are some simple lifestyle changes you can make in order to decrease your pain while simultaneously increasing your energy. When you do these in addition to your physical therapy treatments, you can help recover from...

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  • Want to Fix Lower Back Pain? Try These 3 Simple Tips!

    September 20th, 2019

    With over-dependence on prescription medication on the rise, many people with lower back pain are looking for a simpler solution. And according to a study in the BMC Health Services medical journal, physical therapy can prevent dependencies while reducing the cost to the patient. In fact, your physical therapist...

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  • 5 Quick Tips for Less Pain and More Energy

    May 20th, 2019

    Millions of individuals live with varying degrees of pain while also experiencing limited amounts of energy. There are several quick and effective ways you can increase your energy levels while reducing pain. Incorporating physical therapy into your regular routine is one way to limit pain. Call Priority Physical Therapy...

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  • How to be Healthier, Stronger, and More Active

    May 10th, 2019

    If you are suffering from chronic pain, you know that being healthier, stronger and more active often seems unattainable. Fortunately, the key to a more active lifestyle is simpler than you think. Call Priority Physical Therapy today to find out how physical therapy can help you achieve levels of...

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  • 5 Quick Tricks to Stay Active!

    October 20th, 2018

    As humans, we are on a never-ending hamster wheel that demands we get as much done as possible, but it’s time that we all become a little more realistic staying active – what is and isn’t possible through sheer willpower.   Repeat after us: My willpower has limits.  ...

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  • How Staying Active at Work Can Increase Productivity

    July 20th, 2018

    Picture yourself at work. Hunched over a keyboard, clicking away on a mouse, answering the phone, or having meetings, the most moving around you are likely to do is to and from the copy machine. It is no surprise that our sedentary jobs are causing fatigue and stiffness, both...

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  • How to Avoid Back Surgery

    April 10th, 2018

    According to the Washington Post, spinal fusion surgeries increased from 56,000 in 1994 to 465,000 in 2011. That is an 8 times increase in the rate of back surgery in 7 years! In Europe and other countries, back surgery rates are more than 4 times lower than those rates...

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  • How to Improve Your Posture

    February 20th, 2018

    In this world of looking beautiful, posture plays a big role in how we look at people. Think about the last time you saw your posture in the mirror and how you immediately corrected yourself to look taller, slimmer and fitter. We fight the good fight against gravity 24...

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  • How to Be Healthier, Stronger and More Active

    May 10th, 2017

    When you get right down to it, health doesn’t have anything to do with looking like a supermodel; it’s really about having a body whose every system is in good working order. The great news is that you have more control over everything happening in your body — from your...

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